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Welcome to Wyvernwood, an Enchanted Lost Kingdom that has existed for many centuries in a peaceful and beautiful setting near Colchester, in Essex.

This extraordinary world has only recently been discovered by the outside world and provides the perfect day out for families with children aged 2 to 12.

Those lucky enough to find the Magic Portal can step through into another world, a world inhabited by fabulous fairies, fierce dragons, wise wizards, menacing goblins, a warrior princess, and a heroic captain.

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About Wyvernwood

Once you’ve stepped through the Magic Portal, you will enter another world – the world of Wyvernwood, an Enchanted Lost Kingdom! First you can explore Castle Grounds with its amazing Enchanted Castle, Goblins Tunnels and Magic Wishing Well.

Then you can venture along the Dragon Trail to the Wellbeing Woods to discover the Land of the Fairies, the Captain’s Campsite, and the Wizard’s Domain. 

Within Castle Grounds, you can scale the castle walls, discover what lies within the Goblins’ tunnels and lair, set sail in the Galleon, take a ride in a dragon kart, make dreams come true at the Magic Wishing Well and search for missing treasure.

As you adventure along the Dragon Trail, created as a sweet reminder of the missing King and Queen and of Zeta the Dragon, you can take a rest on the abandoned thrones, pull the sword out of the stone, get close to a dragon and play on the windchimes to alert the fairies who live in the Wellbeing Woods.

Within the Wellbeing Woods, you will discover the Captain’s Campsite and build a special den; assist the Wizard to concoct potions and spells in his giant cauldrons and visit the Land of the Fairies to see Tatiana’s wondrous miniature castle perched high above the forest floor. Laze on the fairy-bathing wings to gaze at the fairy houses and soak up the beauty of the forest canopy high above you.

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