May Half Term | Wyvernwood

A Day at Wyvernwood

Adventure Awaits

Looking for a fun family day out near you?

Looking for something to do near you this May half term?

Join our characters in Colchester, Essex, for an immersive story-led experience where you’ll meet unique characters in a beautiful setting!

Step through the Magic Portal into another world brought to life by our talented actors. 

Book soon though as spaces are filling up fast and our characters can’t wait to meet you…

Daily Character Experiences

Castle Grounds

Wyvernwood opening ceremony with the Captain & Princess Arabella.

Storytelling – “dragon’s tail!”.

Meet Gurt the Lord of the Goblins.

Meet Zephyr the dragon.

Arabella’s Warrior Workshop.

Meet the characters of Wyvernwood.

Dragon Trail

Visit the Unicorn Retreat.

Meet Merlin at his Magic Giant Cauldron.

Meet Sprocket the goblin apprentice.

Wellbeing Woods

Meet the Captain at the Captain’s Campsite.

Meet Tatiana the Fairy Queen at the Land of the Fairies.

Meet Merlin at the Wizard’s Domain.

Gurt Illustration

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A Day at Wyvernwood

Begin your adventure in the Castle Grounds this Easter holiday as you set sail in the Captain’s Galleon. Search for missing treasure and make your dreams come true at the Magic Wishing Well. Or join Princess Arabella’s Warrior Workshop.

Then, if you dare, discover what lies deep within the Goblins’ lair! Speed through the Goblins’ labyrinth or be the first to reach the centre of the maize maze.

Next, venture along the Dragon Trail past the Unicorn Retreat to the Wellbeing Woods and discover the Land of the Fairies. Find the Captain’s Campsite and help the wizard to create a magic potion at the Wizard’s Domain.

Adventure Activities

Dragon Encounter

Have you ever met a dragon in real life? Completely unique to Wyvernwood this is your opportunity to meet our walking, roaring, fire-breathing dragon – Zephyr!

Unicorn Retreat

Want to meet our two beautiful unicorns, Serena and Shadow? Figure out the secret password, utter it to the guardian fairies and you can enter the Unicorn Retreat!

Warrior Workshop

Fancy yourself as a bit of a warrior? Why not join Princess Arabella and Brenna as they put our adventurers through their paces at the Warrior Workshop.

The Enchanted Castle

The Goblins' Tunnels

The Captain’s Galleon

Wizard's Domain

Little Kingdom

The Magic Wishing Well

Land Of The Fairies

The Captain’s Campsite

Hidden Treasure Sand Play

The Dragon Karts

The Wyvern Maze

Jumping Pillow

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Fantastical Feedback

Meet the Characters

The awesome characters of Wyvernwood are brought to life everyday by our talented actors, find out about each one below.

Who will you meet at Wyvernwood?

The Captain

What began as a trip searching for treasure, ended with the Captain finding a new home within the Enchanted Lost Kingdom of Wyvernwood.

Princess Arabella

She might look perfectly pretty in a ball gown but don't be fooled Princess Arabella is a true warrior princess and not one to be trifled with.


Often found regaling the other inhabitants with tales of his glorious adventures, ancient dragon Zephyr is a wise and philosophical beast.


Tatiana lives in the Wellbeing Woods and is the Queen of the fairies. Easily identifiable by her glamorous looks, she is the Kingdom’s most exotic character.


Gurt is the lord of the goblins and will stop at nothing to get his hands on Wyvernwood's hidden treasures. Its common knowledge that goblins cannot resist anything that sparkles or shines.


Merlin is Wyvernwood’s most magical character and wise beyond his years. He can always be found creating weird and wonderful spells in his Wizard’s Domain.

Discover the Story

“The Captain and the Magic Compass” tells the story of how the Captain first arrived at Wyvernwood.

This captivating book delights adventurers of all ages.

When you visit Wyvernwood you will meet the Captain, discover his campsite, laze in his special hammock, build a secret den, and search for hidden treasure.

Click below to find out more about the book…

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