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Meet the Characters

Mystery Awaits

Wyvernwood’s amazing characters can’t wait to meet you! They may need your help if you are feeling brave and adventurous.

From a true warrior Princess to our handsome hero, the Captain, each has their own story to tell and adventures to share.

Who will you meet first at Wyvernwood?

The Captain

What began as a journey to faraway lands in search of treasure ended with the Captain discovering the Enchanted Lost Kingdom of Wyvernwood.

Known for being strong and dependable, the Captain loves the thrill of adventure. He never fails to keep his promises, which is why the other inhabitants trust him dearly.

The Captain lives in the Enchanted Castle as a guest of the Princess, in whom he has found a kindred spirit and life-long friend.

Princess Arabella

She might look perfectly pretty in a ball gown but don’t be fooled. Princess Arabella is a true warrior princess and not one to be trifled with.

Wyvernwood’s princess is fiercely independent and more than capable. Having grown up fending for herself she isn’t afraid of anyone or anything.

Princess Arabella enjoys a great friendship with the Queen of the fairies, Tatiana. But she longs to be reunited with her parents, the King and Queen, who have been missing for a very long time.

She wants to summon her beloved guardian unicorn but needs your help. Can you find the missing motto to speak at the Magic Wishing Well?

Zephyr the Dragon

Often found regaling the other characters with tales of his glorious past adventures, ancient dragon Zephyr is a wise and philosophical beast.

With immense magical powers and a fierce demeanour, Zephyr was lonely for centuries until he met Zeta, the female dragon.

Zeta recently returned to Wyvernwood on the Captain’s Galleon having escaped the Wicked Witch’s grasp. Zephyr has wasted no time in becoming re-acquainted with his long-lost friend.



Tatiana lives in the Wellbeing Woods and is the Queen of the fairies. Easily identifiable by her glamorous looks, she is the Kingdom’s most exotic character.

From her beautiful miniature castle, perched high above the forest floor, she reigns in grand style.

You’ll often find Tatiana enjoying a fabulous afternoon tea with Princess Arabella at the Enchanted Castle. Tatiana loves the high life; she adores velvet and diamonds and she loves a good party!


Gurt is the Lord of the goblins and will stop at nothing to get his hands on Wyvernwood’s hidden treasures. It is common knowledge that goblins cannot resist anything that sparkles or shines.

Recently the goblins are suspected of stealing many precious items from other characters of the Kingdom. Princess Arabella’s crystal ball is missing and so is the Magic Compass. We need your help to find these missing treasures!

Goblins love nothing more than sorting rubbish and recycling while searching for treasure. The Goblins are unique to Wyvernwood. They are strange looking creatures being a cross between a goblin and a troll.


Merlin is Wyvernwood’s most powerful character and wise beyond his years. It is impossible to tell just how old Merlin is, because he looks young and no one ages within the Kingdom.

Known for his intelligence and magical powers, Merlin uses his gifts to solve the Kingdom’s other worldly problems, namely thwarting the Wicked Witch of the East and helping to restore the fairies’ powers which get depleted from time to time.

Usually found in his Wizard’s Domain deep in the Wellbeing Woods, Merlin is always concocting potions and spells. He needs your help to find unusual ingredients to stir up trouble in his giant cauldrons as he is sometimes forgetful.


Zeta is the female dragon rescued by the Captain who brought her home to Wyvernwood. Zeta had accompanied Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand on their quest to destroy the Wicked Witch of the East, but it was a trap.

On her return to Wyvernwood, Zeta was reunited with Zephyr, the male dragon, and they’ve laid dragon eggs. Everyone in the Kingdom is excited about the prospect of having baby dragons, or Wyverlings, at Wyvernwood.

Serena the Unicorn

Serena is Princess Arabella’s guardian unicorn. She was a gift from Arabella’s parents, the King and Queen.

A friend, protector and confidante, Serena doubles as a graceful steed for transportation.

Serena can be found along the Dragon Trail at the Unicorn Retreat, with her lifelong companion, another magical unicorn called Shadow.

Meet the Characters…

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“The Captain and the Magic Compass” tells the story of how the Captain first arrived at Wyvernwood. This captivating book delights adventurers of all ages. 

When you visit Wyvernwood you will meet the Captain, discover his campsite, laze in his special hammock, build a secret den, and search for hidden treasure.

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