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About Us

Our Magical Mission

The amazing characters of Wyvernwood have entrusted us to help the outside world visit them and experience Wyvernwood.

We want to do this the best way we can and have a positive impact on our guests’ wellbeing. We believe that it is important to have fun and at the same time connect with nature in a beautiful setting which is good for mental health and reducing stress

Uncover below our vast vision and magical mission to get you outdoors…

Our Vision

We aim to deliver the best possible experience for our guests. Our guests will enter the Enchanted Lost Kingdom of Wyvernwood through the Magic Portal, into another world! Interact with the awesome characters, connect with nature, escape from screens, and have fun with all the family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a fun-filled and magical experience with elements of surprise and delight for all our guests.  Our focus on providing an exceptional guest experience is at the heart of everything we do at Wyvernwood.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to:

  • Encourage children to enjoy the great outdoors, escape from their screens and connect with nature
  • Employ staff who live locally to Wyvernwood
  • Source food, drink and products locally where possible
  • Encourage our team and guests to keep active by providing the ability to build up their daily steps
  • Be free from plastics where possible
  • Maintain a clean and tidy park with no litter and recycle where possible
  • Encourage wildlife, birds and a thriving ecological environment (so far we’ve planted 3,500 new trees, installed multiple bird, bat and owl boxes and have created log homes for wildlife)
  • Minimise carbon emissions by working with local partners meaning low mileage deliveries
  • Be planet aware and care for our environment

Our Values

These are our guiding principles that shape every aspect of everything we do:


(through nature)

Through everything we do and the experiences we create, we put family connection at the front and centre. We believe the wellbeing and psychological benefits of exploring and having adventures in the great outdoors provide the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and have fun as a family.


(through imagination)

As you step through the Magic Portal into the Enchanted Lost Kingdom of Wyvernwood, you will escape from the pressures of day-to-day life and immerse yourself into another world. Have fun as a family and create special memories as you scale the castle walls, discover the Captain’s Campsite or make a wish at the Magic Wishing Well.


(through fantasy)

Stepping through the Magic Portal will transport our guests to another world – an enchanted and magical world to be explored and enjoyed! Meet the fabulous characters and join in with their daily adventures and exploits. Be captivated and inspired by our hero, the Captain, the warrior Princess Arabella, Tatiana the queen of the fairies, Gurt the Lord of the Goblins’ tribe and of course the magnificent Wyvern dragons!


(through play)

Interactive play for all the family helps to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Fun and enjoyment is a vital part of every guest’s experience. Wyvernwood offers a stimulating experience, and a playful spirit runs through everything we do. Whether our guests are exploring the Enchanted Castle, puzzling through the giant maize maze, helping the wizard to concoct secret potions or searching for missing treasure, we aim to provide a stimulating and fun experience for all.

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