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The Captain and

the Magic Compass

Mystery Awaits

The amazing book of how our hero, the Captain, first discovered Wyvernwood…

The Captain discovered Wyverwood long ago when he arrived at Alresford Creek. His storm-damaged galleon was laden with treasure and a dragon called Zeta. The Magic Compass guided him to the Wellbeing Woods where he met a cross fairy called Tatiana. 

This is how it all began…

The Captain Illustration
The Captain and The Magic Compass Illustration

Extract from the book

Once upon a time, there was a young and handsome explorer known as the Captain who sailed his mighty galleon, The Marlborough, to faraway and mystical lands in search of fame and fortune.

For many months, the Captain and his crew explored ancient lands, escaped from fierce pirates and made many new friends on their travels but, alas, they had not found any treasure. Tired and dejected, they decided to embark on their final journey towards home.

Some days after they had set sail, quite unexpectedly, the watchman shouted from the crow’s nest, “land ahoy!” Finding land in the vast ocean was a big surprise, as it was not marked on any of their maps, yet there it was, as clear as day: a small island with a wide expanse of sparkling sand and lush trees.

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About Wyvernwood

Once you step through the Magic Portal you will enter Wyvernwood, an Enchanted Lost Kingdom.

First, explore Castle Grounds…

Discover what lies within the Goblins’ Tunnels as you meet Gurt, Lord of the Goblins. Brush up your warrior skills with Arabella at the Enchanted Castle. Set sail in the Captain’s Galleon and take a ride in a Dragon Kart. Make dreams come true at the Magic Wishing Well. Search for missing treasure as you encounter other Kingdom characters.

Then, venture along the Dragon Trail…

Created as a reminder of the missing King, Queen and Zeta the dragon. Rest on the abandoned thrones. Pull the sword out of the stone and get close to a dragon. Keep an eye out for the fairy offerings and remember to play the windchimes to alert the fairies as you approach the Wellbeing Woods!

Within the Wellbeing Woods you will have many adventures…

Discover the Captain’s Campsite and build a special den with the Captain himself. Assist Merlin to concoct potions and spells in the Wizard’s Domain. Visit the Land of the Fairies, make a wish with Tatiana and marvel at her fabulous castle. Laze on the fairy-bathing wings to soak up the beautiful forest canopy high above.

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