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Our First Blog

An Update from the Captain

Hello brave adventurers!

Princess Arabella, Tatiana and everyone at Wyvernwood has missed you and we can’t wait until your next visit, especially as there’s been some drama at Wyvernwood, and I could really use some help from you all!

A new Wyverling has hatched and is on the loose, causing mayhem everywhere.

Not only that, but also eight golden dragon eggs have gone missing and Zephyr and Zeta are distraught and searching the Kingdom high and low to find their precious eggs and their baby Wyverling.

The good news is that the Wicked Witch has not returned since last October when she cast an evil spell over Wyvernwood – thanks to all of you for helping Merlin to create the special spell to thwart the witch.

In amongst all the drama, Princess Arabella has managed to summon her guardian unicorn at the Magic Wishing Well – and Serena has magically appeared.  She is very sweet-natured and Arabella is overjoyed at being reunited with her.  We can’t wait for you to meet Serena, and her best unicorn friend, Shadow!

We all hope to see you in the Kingdom soon,

Wellbeing Woods, Bluebells & Nature

The Wellbeing Woods are looking spectacular and will be even more beautiful in April and May with carpets of bluebells and their glorious scent filling the air.  There are deer, rabbits, owls, bats and an abundance of wildlife in the Wellbeing Woods.

We Support EACH

We were delighted to welcome a large group of siblings of children who are terminally ill or have life-threatening conditions from EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices), the charity which Wyvernwood supports.  We also donated to them all coins collected from the Magic Wishing Well, as well as copies of our story “The Captain and the Magic Compass”.

Wellbeing – Digital Detox

There are numerous studies and reports which provide evidence that there is a strong connection between exposure to outdoor green spaces and mental health benefits in children. Being outside improves children’s physical activity which in turn boosts their emotional well-being.  At Wyvernwood, our ethos is to encourage children to escape from screens and have a digital detox, whilst connecting with nature and having fun as a family.

Dress Up at Wyvernwood

It was lovely to see so many budding little fairies joining the magic in the Kingdom last year! The Treasure Trove stocks fairy wings for your little ones who want to become a fairy for the day, along with wands and dressing up kits.  We also have unicorn capes, wizard wands and cloaks, magic tricks and lots of treasure! Come and visit the Treasure Trove on your next visit.

We re-open on Saturday 1st April 2023 for an Easter Extravaganza and look forward to seeing you all soon.  Booking is open for general admission and our great value ANNUAL PASSES can now be purchased too.

Book early to take advantage of our early bird ticket which gets you 25% off our gate price for a limited period only.

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Fantastical Feedback

Absolutely glorious place to visit. From the entrance to the amazing staff and the delightful story and theme that leads you around.

Every single member of staff we met from the characters to the food and drink staff were smiling and welcoming.

To whomever designed this and I’m talking all the small details too, well done.

Really looking forward to a return visit in 2023.

Google review

Brilliant day out – a true new little hidden gem in Colchester.

Huge immersive story telling outdoor experience, featuring Fairies, Dragons, Wizards, a Princess, a Captain, Unicorns and Goblins.

Treasure hunting, jelly castle bouncing, potion and spell making, go karting, puppet shows, den building and fairy blessing. Highly recommended for small and big!

Google review

We went today and ………Wow!!

This place is beautiful and it’s hard not to appreciate just how much work has gone into setting up Wyvernwood, the detail is amazing.

The staff were phenomenal never breaking character throughout the day and The Captain especially who remembered our twin girls names from meeting them in the morning, lovely personalised touch

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Meet the Characters

The awesome characters of Wyvernwood are brought to life everyday by our talented actors, find out about each one below.

Who will you meet at Wyvernwood?

The Captain

What began as a trip searching for treasure, ended with the Captain finding a new home within the Enchanted Lost Kingdom of Wyvernwood.

Princess Arabella

She might look perfectly pretty in a ball gown but don't be fooled Princess Arabella is a true warrior princess and not one to be trifled with.


Often found regaling the other inhabitants with tales of his glorious adventures, ancient dragon Zephyr is a wise and philosophical beast.


Tatiana lives in the Wellbeing Woods and is the Queen of the fairies. Easily identifiable by her glamorous looks, she is the Kingdom’s most exotic character.


Gurt is the lord of the goblins and will stop at nothing to get his hands on Wyvernwood's hidden treasures. Its common knowledge that goblins cannot resist anything that sparkles or shines.


Merlin is Wyvernwood’s most magical character and wise beyond his years. He can always be found creating weird and wonderful spells in his Wizard’s Domain.

Discover the Story

“The Captain and the Magic Compass” tells the story of how the Captain first arrived at Wyvernwood. This captivating book delights adventurers of all ages.

When you visit Wyvernwood you will meet the Captain, discover his campsite, laze in his special hammock, build a secret den, and search for hidden treasure.

Click below to find out more about the book.

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